The Profound Power of Literature

Humanities Jul 6, 2024

Many people proclaim that the wheel was the most important discovery of all time. While others say that it was the invention of the telephone or the discovery of fire. Although all of these hold immense significance in their own way, I believe that none of them can be termed as the most important. Instead, I believe that the most revolutionary innovation was writing-the process of pouring your thoughts, ideas and feelings onto a blank piece of paper.

Writing in and of itself is a very vast genre. However, today, I would like to focus on a particular form of writing- literature. Literature, from its initial emergence to the modern age, has changed the world in a multitude of ways. Above all, it has shaped and altered the perspective of humans and enabled us to intellectually excel. Through the power of a pen, the world is able to evolve, as words are an unparalleled medium when it comes to conveying transformative ideas.

Aside from this, another aspect of literature has also fascinated me for a long time. Have you ever noticed that, in essence, there is not much difference between the literature from today and centuries ago? For example, the works of Elif Shafak and Jane Austen are completely different but their essence is what brings them together. All literature, whether it be from the 20th century or the 21st, is quite similar at its core. It all conveys ideas through words and attempts to change the reader’s perspective or give them some food for thought through captivating and innovating stories.

That is the case for all literature which makes it one of the only things which is timeless and eternal. This is the everlasting power of words. The immortal masterpieces of innumerable writers like Shafak have influenced the world for eons. In literature and words, I see an unexplainable power to evade mortality and create legacies which last forever, outliving even the humans which create them in the first place. The absolute nature of the undying power of words holds special meaning for me and has guided the most meaningful endeavors of my life. Therefore, I would advise young students to take some time out of their schedule and read some literature because undoubtedly it can do wonders for you.