TTT#62: "The Unshakable Belief" with Ayan Said

The Tomato Timer Feb 7, 2022

It takes unshakeable belief with the right effort to transform an idea into reality. In this episode, Ayan Said, founder and director of Voicing Voice, a social enterprise, talks about her journey from being a science teacher to designing human-centred solutions that enable us to embrace an equitable future. The right foundation for a harmonious future through strategy and innovation is what Said is passionate about, and her efforts have been commendable.

Moreover, Said talks about her life as a black Muslim Somali immigrant and how the need to start Voicing Voices emerged. With several years of experience in the education and development industry, and a master's degree in gender, education and international development, Ayan is committed to embedding systemic changes that resolve inequalities.

Her background in academia enabled her to closely observe the gaps in the education system. She discusses how the education system is more standardized than humanized, and the importance of diversity and inclusion at its truest essence. Organizations and corporations talk about diversity and inclusion on the surface level but Said explains how it can be done to acknowledge students so they can reach their maximum potential.

Said also stresses on raising awareness about marginalized communities and creating a culture of belonging. It can not be denied that women face gender-based violence and their representation in leadership roles is less than 5%. Said acquired and analyzed data on various aspects so that smooth implementations can be done. It is about time to re-design structures and strategies to make the world an inclusive space.