Humans of ZNotes: Hamza Ashraf Janjua

Community Jan 25, 2022

Meet Hamza Ashraf Janjua, who interned at ZNotes as a Graphic Designer and see what he has to say about his ZNotes experience.

How did working at ZNotes impact your academic or professional life?

ZNotes was my first interning experience and it opened my eyes to the professional world. Interacting with people all across the globe with a single objective - a common goal - in mind, I was able to learn and accomplish all sorts of things. Moreover, academically, the internship experience and certificates helped me stand out on my university applications and CVs.

Did working at ZNotes stimulate your personal growth? If so, how?

Tremendously! My experience instilled discipline and perseverance in me. I taught myself how to interact with people in a professional tone by learning from my peers. Speaking up in that space strengthened my confidence, it was an environment where judgments were either scarce or constructive - made me feel right at home!

Did you ever come across any challenging task while interning at ZNotes? If yes, how did you go about it?

Graphics Designing can become one of the hardest jobs in the feedback process because, among other things, everyone is qualified to offer their opinions. And as such, it would always be a worrisome task to make sure that whatever project I work on, aligns with our core designs and ideas as well as garner a positive response from the audience. Thus, open communication and coordination, as well as learning to take constructive criticism with a smile on my face helped me identify well-liked themes and garner better results.

Since ZNotes is a global team, we all come across new and diverse perspectives. Did any co-workers' experiences teach you something or just really fascinate you?

I am fortunate and grateful enough to have had met some of the best coworkers at ZNotes. Of course, everyone was inspiring in their own way yet a few impacted me in a meaningful way. During my time, the talented tech lead inspired me to pursue Computer Science academically. To our brilliant Content and Community leads, who helped me dive deeper into the beautiful world of Physics, Math, and Literature (something I'm enjoying to this day). It was a beautiful experience.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the ZNotes family?

Miss you guys, sending love and well wishes to everyone there <33

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