Boosting ZNotes for its Next Decade of Impact

ZNotes Apr 14, 2024

We are coming to 10 years of ZNotes and every year has been one that has seen the organisation grow in incredible ways.

From its earliest stages, the scale of impact has grown as we empowered young people to be part of transforming the education system – building educational content, teaching each other and being part of running the organisation. We've witnessed firsthand the power of collective action, and today, the platform has reached over 5.2 million students from 190+ countries.

However, of the 5.2 million impacted, only 0.01% have directly engaged with the organisation to be part of creating the impact. How can every ZNotes member contribute meaningfully to the community and its mission? And ultimately, how do we ensure the sustained and scalable impact of ZNotes for the next decade and beyond?

ZNotes has and always will continue to provide unlimited access to thousands of notes and videos completely for free. And with ZNotes Boost, we celebrate our users who embody our mission and elevate our platform to new heights. It transcends being simply a subscription service; it's an opportunity for our community to take ownership of our impact and shape the future of education.

So, how does it work?

Starting today, you can boost ZNotes in two ways: by subscribing for $2.99/month or by undertaking positive community actions that unlock achievements.

Boosters who subscribe directly support the provision of free education for all, enabling us to maintain and enhance our platform, expand our team, and invest in offering ZNotes in new languages and regions to serve national curriculum exams. And those who opt for the achievements pathway contribute to benefiting learners worldwide through their actions.

To celebrate you as Boosters, we are excited to be launching a whole range of perks including customisable revision notes PDFs, community recognition and even custom themes on the ZNotes platform.

Where did the idea come from?

It's no secret, we’re big fans of Discord. Starting our community there back in 2018, the platform has allowed our community to build relationships. From custom bots to hosting hundreds of study sessions and even running all our team communications through a special server called ZNHQ!

We love the idea that when you boost a server on Discord, it is not just an individual subscription but something that contributes to benefiting the experience for everyone in the community! So, we crafted a model that allows both monetary subscribers and active community members to contribute to the ZNotes community's growth and improvement. The pathway to Boost with achievements gamifies the experience and also incentivises positive actions from the community.

From its earliest conception, ZNotes Boost has been a collaborative effort, with the community actively participating in brainstorming, design, and development. Over the past few months, we received tons of feedback, feature requests and adjustments from our most engaged users to be able to share what ZNotes Boost is today.

This is just the beginning…

The introduction of Boost is a monumental step forward and we look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead. With the support of the ZNotes community, we'll continue to expand our resources, reach more learners, and adapt to the evolving educational landscape.

Ten years on, ZNotes has evolved from a school project into a global movement, and ZNotes Boost positions us to make an even greater impact in the years to come. But our ambition is big - we want to take our youth-led and community-powered education model and impact 100M learners globally.

Join us as we embark on the next phase of our journey. Together, let's boost ZNotes and unlock the potential of every learner, everywhere.

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Zubair Junjunia

Building ZNotes from age 16, outspoken promoter of UN SDG4 as One Young World & STEM ambassador, maths graduate from UCL. Staying sane by running, open-water swimming and figure & inline skating.