Embrace the Sun, Transform Your Shine: Unleash Your Summer Self!

Wellbeing Jun 15, 2023

It is summertime again and you would definitely have some to-do lists to complete this summer - or maybe you're still thinking about how to make summer as productive as possible. While basking in the heat and enjoying the beach vibes, you can definitely do things that can help you improve yourself as well as amplify your success! Remember: Summer + Self-Improvement = The Ultimate Glow-up!

This is the perfect time to get out of bed and take advantage of the extended daylight hours and become a more successful (and suntanned) self! Here are some things that you can do to focus on self-growth.

Delve Into Passion Oasis

Sometimes, finding new hobbies can help you to unleash new passion in yourself. Try to engage in new activities that you want to try out ever since you were small but you were too scared to try out back then, or new things that you find interesting activities to delve into. You can definitely engage in learning how to play musical instruments or try out creative pursuits such as painting or photography.  

Visit The Screen-Free Sanctuary  

Taking a break from technology can definitely help you to engage in more offline activities! Without the constant distraction of technology, you will have more time to reflect on your values and goals. You can simply just pondering on your self-growth and aspirations. Take your time to work on some self-reflection prompts and allow your thoughts and insights to emerge naturally. Stepping away from gadgets is such a good gateway for you to increase productivity as it allows you to emerge into activities without being distracted by the outside world.

Hunt For Sunny Shift

Getting tired of the same routine every single day? Or looking forward to embracing an organised life? Worry not! You can definitely shake things up and even try to fit new pursuits into your current routine. If you're feeling productive, you can try new study methods that could be a great kickstart before entering the new semester! With ample time, this allows you to discover more routines that can be beneficial for you and your future self. For instance, you can try reading online news in the morning instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. This allows you to gain new knowledge as well as get more aware of the current situation in your home country and globally.

Summer is a great opportunity for you to discover more things that you weren't able to do during school. All you have to do is just try out things that you are interested in and who knows that might change your future. Living in a fast-forward world could be very tiring but it is always okay to take some time to slow down and unwind yourself. Every summer, there lies endless possibilities for adventure and happiness. Good luck in finding joyous adventures this summer!


Adrieana Zulaikha

I love to spend my weekends at my go-to library alone, a place where I find solace and process my thoughts