TTT#65: "Mastering your 20s" with Charlie Rogers

The Tomato Timer Mar 7, 2022

Charlie Rogers is an entrepreneur, athlete and creator. He focuses on empowering purpose-driven, flexible organisations to treat employees as human beings. To achieve this, he is building a Portfolio Career by coaching agency owners, managing projects and scaling the future of work consultancy. He wants to uplift individuals to create organisations of the future. In this episode, he talks to Zubair about traversing life in your 20s and shares his tips and tricks.

As he transitioned from his late teens to his twenties, Charlie revealed that he began looking at life through a different lens. He began thinking about how mastering ourselves and our environment makes us more effective at both work and other pursuits. He also delves into applying the things he learned from reading up on this topic. He talked about how he integrates different parts of his life and learns from them. He gave the example of meditation, sharing his very impressive 796-day streak and talked about how it helps him approach problems.

Charlie also talked about staying true to yourself but also staying relevant in the world in your twenties. He advised reading a book called Stand Out of Our Light, which talks about not knowing what you want because of the influence of other people and learning to focus on yourself. He also talked about how he stays focused, by turning off notifications and using social media as a way to find a niche spot.

"I'm going to spend my time creating, not consuming so how can I do that in a meaningful way? I promised myself I'm going to use platforms to produce content, not purely consume content. Platforms like Instagram weren't helping me achieve my goals so I decided to delete them on my way."

He also delved into how to make workspaces more inclusive, innovative and creative. He spoke about acknowledging your own biases, understanding that people have different perspectives and how work can be more meaningful than just a paycheck. He also spoke about reprioritizing what you want from life to make it easier to have a portfolio career.



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