TTT #66 - "Own Your Niche" with Harry Beard

The Tomato Timer Mar 28, 2022

In this week's episode, Zubair welcomes Harry Beard, the co-founder of Prospect100, the home of design competitions. Tune in to listen to Harry’s advice about working towards your passion and his views on the importance of designers in our world!

Prospect100 is a company that runs global design competitions aimed at young designers to motivate and encourage them to pursue their art. The company originated during the lockdowns, to help young creators become inspired. Now, they collaborate with famous brands and personalities to offer prizes to the winners of the competitions. The contest is always free to enter and offers incredible prizes! Take, for example, Chris who won 10000 swiss francs and a partnership with Swatch, when he was just 18.

The most important thing, I think is giving self-confidence  to young artists ad our aim is to kickstart their career and journey. Artists are trying to make everything more beautiful

Harry also discusses the inherent bias of society to kind of disregard the importance of art and focus instead on science or technology. He says people underestimate the importance of design in life. He brings up the example of Apple, saying that Steve Wozniack was the engineer behind it but Steve Jobs was the one who designed it and made it commercially successful.

Harry is the 22-year-old co-founder of PROSPECT100, a marketing agency focussed on youth that builds campaigns centred around global design competitions for young artists that are judged by industry leaders like Sean Wotherspoon and Steve Wozniak.


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