TTT #6: "Life in Cambridge" with Andrea Joyce

The Tomato Timer Sep 11, 2019

Andrea Joyce talks about her life in Cambridge, taking us through her time at University, career shifts, and finding her heart in teaching. In this episode, she leaves us with insights into University and beyond based on her diverse experiences.

Seeking Help

Considering the number of things university students have to manage simultaneously, imagining yourself in that position can be terrifying. But according to Andrea, everyone is in the same boat, and the overwhelming feeling is not exclusive to you.

Universities today are considerate of the hectic shift and have various ways to support you. Don't be ashamed of reaching out for help if you need it. Colleges also organize little events such as cake afternoons or playful days with therapy dogs to help you get through. Please know that you are not alone in this!

College Prestige

Wanting to go to a prestigious university and working towards that goal is great! But it is okay if you don't make it, or that is not something you have set as your aim. Ranks and prestige do not determine anything. Instead, what you do at University and the way you utilize the time and opportunities there matters.

Your circumstances might be completely different from someone who made it. However, how you respond to these and associated setbacks does say a lot about you as a person.

Taking Risks

Despite having a stable career while researching for investment agencies, Andrea left it all midway to discover and pursue where her passion was.

I think being courageous and being open to taking risks is a really important thing.

Sometimes, there might not be anything substantial to define decisions that, due to the risks involved, might strike as irrational to many around you. Andrea's family was pretty sceptical about the entire ordeal too. But she knew what she wanted, and there was no going back.


Do not narrow your possibilities down too much. Give due consideration to other aspects of who you are or who you could be. Andrea rejects the idea of tying yourself within a particular subject. She calls for taking multiple opportunities and discovering various fields, nurturing an all-around development.

Also, form a community. There are thousands of people out there who are going through similar situations as you. Supporting one another and knowing that there is someone out there for you can make a huge difference!


Ritika Singhal

Along with Zubair Junjunia

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