TTT #46: "Cheat Codes for Landing Your Dream Career" with Justin Nguyen

The Tomato Timer Mar 4, 2021

Have you ever listened to a one-hour long podcast expecting efficient tips for studying and networking, only to realize that nothing mentioned in it works for you? Often, the advice available to you might as well, as you later understand, be misinformation. And the long time you spent acquiring all that adds to the frustration. Justin Nguyen's Declassified Podcast tackles both issues. In just about fifteen minutes, it gets you tricks or 'cheat codes' from people who have found themselves in situations similar to yours!

Justin was rejected from fifty internships despite stellar grades and an overall academic profile. Eventually, he found a way to graduate with five internships, three of which were at Fortune 500 companies. Figuring his way out, Justin closely observed what worked and what companies were looking for. Sharing the insights he gained from his experiences, he emphasizes the value of building a personal brand.

Picture this: you graduated with a considerably good GPA; you have internships to boast about; you have the skills to perform your job. But there are thousands of others who have the same! Your CV or your professional capabilities, though significant, fall short. What makes you stand out is your personality and how well you connect with people. Putting yourself out there, for instance, via a LinkedIn article that catches the attention of people makes recruiters want to choose you over someone they don't know beyond their resume. Or identifying a personal link while communicating with your interviewers portrays a relatively more human image than solely talking about your professional background.

Commonly, many students struggle with the dilemma of choosing a pathway after graduating. Should you join a promising startup that could either rise or fail? Or should you enter an already established company providing you with a blanket of security? Getting involved with a startup that goes on to occupy a prominent place is rewarding. Of course, it involves more risks, but you need to ask yourself if you are willing to take them. Even if it fails, you maintaining your brand will make you find your way back. Contrarily, though, if you are someone who needs structure and stability, maybe entering a grad scheme is more for you.

Justin also mentions a productivity tactic that helps him get through his days: time blocking. Allocating specific blocks of time for your daily tasks is generally an effective way of organizing your schedules. Ultimately, this means less availability for distractions and more room for focus.

If you find these useful, you can unlock more such cheat codes by exploring Justin's GetChoGrindUp!


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