TTT #33: The Law Student's Guide

The Tomato Timer Sep 13, 2020

Dabi Olu-Odugbeni loved helping juniors who approached her for tips and advice needed during law school. In doing so, she came across a deeper problem: the need for a guide, a support system that so many students don’t have. Therefore, she planned to bring about a resource that law students all around the world could easily access. When life happened and pushed the plans of the book temporarily aside, the time that came with the lockdown made her decide to bring her vision into reality. Michelle Wong aligned with the cause; she added in her own ideas to make this project as fruitful as possible. Therefore, together, their collaboration resulted in an inclusive and global resource for students needing one.

In this episode, they go into detail of working on the book, what the structure of a typical law school looks like, and simple tips to manage schedules in this hectic process. They tell us about their personal inclinations and inspirations behind choosing the career, and how it empowers them to achieve social justice. They go into the journey behind the awards and tags that we see: the failures and the struggles, the messy bits that we leave off, or forget when talking of success.

As Dabi says,

Getting to success is also pulling yourself out of that (failures), and keep going.

As cliché as it sounds, they are a testimony as to how self-belief, preventing us from giving up, is what matters the most to achieve what we want.

Amidst all of this, they also recognize how challenging the whole experience can be. One of the chapters of their books is dedicated solely to mental health and they discuss the importance of reaching out to your support network whenever you need it.

As Michelle says,

It could make a huge difference to know that there is somebody out there for you and it could make the whole process a lot smoother.

You can check out their freely available e-book here and get a taste of what law school holds for you!


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