TTT #32: "Creating Opportunities Around You" with Fatima Moin

The Tomato Timer Aug 30, 2020

Coming from a high school in Pakistan, Fatima Moin, like so many of us, saw studying abroad as her shot at freedom and establishing a successful career. When circumstances lead her to study Computer Science at her own hometown of Karachi, she spends her first year cursing the position she had been stuck in before she decided to turn her life around. Associated with Microsoft, Google, and Yale’s Young Global Scholar’s program, she takes us through her journey of how she capitalized on the limited options available around.

Fatima discusses three strategies that harnessed the change: discovering her capabilities and believing in them, setting out achievable goals and relevant road maps, and prioritizing and managing those.

The world around us is imperfect, with innumerable things that we currently see as hindrances. Fatima believes in turning those hindrances into opportunities. She stands for social impact and developing ideas around those obstacles, thereby yielding a positive solution.

As she says,

“If you think there is no opportunity around you, that is your opportunity to create one.”


Zubair Junjunia

Along with Ritika Singhal

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