TTT #20: "The Art of Creating Space" with Joanna Wyroba

The Tomato Timer May 11, 2020

The school building you work on could potentially become where some have their fondest memories. Joanna Wyroba is inspired by such an approach, attaching human connotations to give meaning to what she believes architecture stands for.

Wanting to do more while staying in touch with architecture too, she expanded her career and currently serves as a Business Director for Design and Engineering at Arcadis. Talking about her roles, she mentions how her goal is to ensure the success of the company’s employees and the satisfaction that comes along. She discusses the strenuous routes in both Poland and the UK to become an architect, giving a practical layout of the same.

Joanna also gives many specific details about architecture and advice during the process, such as a study-abroad experience and practical involvement in projects.

A dynamic yet positive shift seen in architecture, as she mentions, is the consideration for sustainability. Clients have finally started to recognize the need to integrate eco-friendly patterns in the way institutions are designed. And with this, the industry is forced to adapt, thereby creating hope for inheriting a sustainable world.

Architecture has also witnessed the decline of generic patterns. It has started attaching value to specific human needs and relationships.

We are now entering the age when there’s going to be more balanced that we are going to focus more on how people interact.

Apart from just strategy and imagination, this approach uplifts architecture, adding the art of creating space concerning individuality in the scope of this growing field.


Ritika Singhal

Along with Zubair Junjunia

Senior year student passionate about social justice and inclusive reform | she/her