TTT #3: " How I got 10k+ followers on my Studygram" with @ThreeSciencesForALevel

STEM Jun 11, 2019

When Mo started his study gram (@threesciencesforalevel), he didn't think it would gain the traffic it did. But a look through his page reveals so much about what made it grow. His study notes are diagrammatic and concise and yet manage to capture the gist of the entire topic. Moreover, he has stuck through his style throughout and kept the layouts consistent. Of course, there have been improvements, but not at the cost of losing his sense of self. He has built upon the individuality of his page, giving it a distinctive element.

Regular tools like hashtags and shoutouts have also been a part of the picture. Mo interacted with quite a lot of people. And it was the connection he developed through his conversations that contributed to the expansion of his page.

Apart from that, Mo also talks about common high school challenges and ways to overcome them. With the tendency to scroll through social media,   reply to a message or look at notifications, our devices generally pose a huge distraction to our studies. Even though it might feel weird at first, find ways to keep the distraction away. Maybe leave your phone in another room or mute notifications. Look at what distracts you and remove that source!

He also talks about encountering a challenging problem in an exam. In a hard subject, it is incredibly common to get stuck at a question, go through a rabbit hole in trying to solve it and mess up the rest of the exam. In such cases, try to avoid the question that bothers you and attempt others. Come back to it once you have completed your exam, and approach it with calm headspace.

Moreover, high school, like other times, could also have emotional challenges. Losing your friends, drifting apart: Mo faced these too. During such hardships, talk to a friend or a family member that you can trust. Of course, that might not take the issue away. However, you have someone to support you through it. And knowing that someone is there for you could make a difference in how you feel about the situation.


Ritika Singhal

Along with Zubair Junjunia

Senior year student passionate about social justice and inclusive reform | she/her