TTT #23: "Liftoff With a Rocket Scientist" with Bianca Cefalo

The Tomato Timer May 20, 2020

Bianca Cefalo always had a drive for the automotive industry. But she also had a penchant for pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. The result, thereby, was her zeal for fluid dynamics and aerospace engineering that led her to become the rocket scientist she is today.

She goes into the technicalities of rocket science and the path that she undertook. Often, many of us hesitate from talking about our involvements and aspirations. However, the unabashed expression of our passions unlocks ample opportunities that can help us establish a firm starting-point for our dreams. That is what Bianca did. She questioned her professors repeatedly, as well as took things in her own hand as she surfed through websites of organizations that seemed fascinating to her.

Bianca discusses the projects that she was a part of. Despite being in a comfortable, professional position, her appetite for innovation and creating change led to bigger and better things in life.

She talks about her passion for inclusion and diversity, and the need to empower young girls to go into STEM.

I don't want them (young girls in STEM) to feel alone as much as I did feel when I was a student.

She recalls an incident from a high-school girl who felt ‘out of place’ in an often male-dominated space. Bianca wants to see this shift. She hopes to see inclusiveness a part of every area of STEM, where any woman inclined towards it feels that they belong.


Ritika Singhal

Along with Zubair Junjunia

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