TTT #2: "Summer... What do I do?" with Zubair and the ZNotes Team

The Tomato Timer Mar 29, 2019

Completing assignments on time, keeping up our grades, being regular in our classes: as students, you all have an exhausting schedule. And after following it all, you look forward to summers to take a break from this monotony and indulge in something you could enjoy.

You finally have all the time we could imagine. Of course, relaxing, hanging out with your close ones, is one side of how you could spend our summer. But besides that, there is finally an opportunity to explore who you are, develop skills, and have an all-around personality.

In this episode, Zubair and the ZNotes team talk about their summer experiences and ways for you to make yours worthwhile.

Internships: These expose you to a professional environment and help you gain a work ethic. You get the exposure to interact with different kinds of people who could connect with you at some level.

While it is preferable to be able to dive into an area that is related to the career you want to pursue, that might not always be possible with limited opportunities. But irrespective of that, any internship you take up is likely to boost your skillset. And what you learn, in some way, will always have some impact on what you finally do.

Freelancing: Working on a side-project not only boosts your confidence but the practical inputs you gain also form a base for an enriching learning experience.

Be mindful of what you employ yourself in because a half-hearted project would not yield beneficial results for anyone involved. Stay committed to the goal, and remain honest about what you provide, and it should all work out well!

Online Courses: Some of the best universities in the world offer you access to their content, often even for free. If you are conflicted about if a course is suited to you, you can enrol yourself to understand the basic idea of what to expect. You can dive deeper into a field that interests you and build upon your skills, mostly at your own pace, without compromising the quality of content. You can also pay a certain amount and get certified!

MUNs, webinars, building a social presence, volunteering: there is plenty out there for you to do! Strike a balance between the fun and productive elements, and you won't have to worry about missing out on either. Maybe try looking for an opportunity that fits in your context of fun while providing you with experience simultaneously.

But amidst all this, please do remember that summers are not a productivity contest. If all you need is a break, it is okay to take one instead of beating yourself up too much.


Ritika Singhal

Along with Zubair Junjunia, ZNotes Team

Senior year student passionate about social justice and inclusive reform | she/her