TTT #11: "Careers in Media" with Allanah Green

The Tomato Timer Apr 9, 2020

With how much the world stresses upon the linear path from school to university, the possibility of diverging from it does not generally strike. While our preferences and choices may vary widely, we are not aware of the option to express these.

An apprenticeship is one such alternative. It provides you with learning and accreditation and a means of earning at the same time. It takes away the stress of finding a part-time job to meet your expenses during university and that of job hunting post graduating.

Apart from that, the limited scope of a classroom doesn't restrict you anymore. You have no option but to communicate with a vast network. And though this could sound intimidating to a lot of you, in the long run, it helps in building your confidence and connections.

While balancing work and studying at the same time sound hectic, on the contrary, the system is built flexibly. It accommodates your needs and gives you the option to navigate through the course according to your requirements. Adopt a basic sense of organization and self-responsibility, and managing time might not be a problem.

Allanah Green is a  Digital & Technological Solutions Degree Apprentice at BT. She shares her apprenticeship experiences and the practical learning environment she found. Going into the intricacies of media management, she talks about the possibilities due to technical failure.

Allanah was not always into technology. Instead, she chose English Geography and Literature in high school. So, her current area is a complete switch from her subjects. Selecting subjects and identifying one's passions might take time. But so many other students are on the same page, figuring out one thing at a time. And that's okay! It's okay not to be sure right now, as long as you are open to exploring your interests and developing your skills.

Put yourself in situations that are out of your comfort zone. Go to networking events. Do something that you enjoy and just follow your passion.

STEM offers endless prospects for development. However, development is not just about the results the area offers but also about the dynamic within it. STEM is yet to adopt an intersectional approach, with people of ethnic minorities, women, and marginalized communities being under-represented. And for STEM to grow into a more inclusive space, it is this dynamic we have to challenge and fight.


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