Time To Pay It Forward

Wellbeing Jan 23, 2023

Have you ever felt like the world is going against you? Have you ever felt like life has no meaning? I always believe that everyone has a purpose in this world - sometimes even a small gesture from you can lead to a huge impact.

Do you know that being kind is contagious? It spreads like a virus because when one witness kindness, it will inspires them to be kind too! Stanford University's Jamil Zaki did a study showing that when others act kindly, they might come to value kindness more themselves and be more likely to "pay it forward". So here are some ways to start spreading kindness yourself!

Be Someone's Life Vest

 No matter how sympathetic you are, you might never be able to fully understand what someone's going through. Regardless, you can always act as their life vest, a little spark when they're in a dark place - offering kindness in the form of comforting words or a warm hug does more than you think.

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou


 Offering a quick smile to someone that you walk past can actually make their day. It's a great way to remind people, do you know that someone is simply grateful that you exist? You might not get a smile back from them, but more often than not, being acknowledged brings a lot of joy to people.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention” —Kahlil Gibran

Find Your Strength

 Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, helping the people around you can make you notice your strengths more. For example, I think I'm a good teacher so I make use of this strength by helping my friends with their schoolwork and producing tutorials on my YouTube channel to give study advice to people worldwide. After all, you do not have to offer something humongous in order to be kind! You can make a good use with what you have and make it impactful!

“Kindness is doing ordinary things with extraordinary love. ” —RAKtivist

In conclusion, kindness gives hope to someone that they are not alone. If you start being kind today and "pay forward" any help you receive, you might end up helping more people than you imagine.


Adrieana Zulaikha

Along with Ingrid Wong

I love to spend my weekends at my go-to library alone, a place where I find solace and process my thoughts