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Take a Stand Against Bullying Today!

Feb 26, 2024

A public bonanza that occurs twice a year, International Stand Up to Bullying Day is a celebration with a purpose, that reigns the Youth in the right direction and beckons them to reevaluate the true nature of camaraderie.

What is International Stand Up to Bullying Day?

Celebrated every year on the last Friday of February, and the third Friday in November, International Stand Up to Bullying Day encourages people to take a public stand, wear a pink shirt and promote the ideologies behind healthy companionship. It began in 2008 with 256 schools and a couple of organisations wearing a pledge shirt as a stand against bullying, and since then has become a widespread tradition in different education institutions around the world. This year, the 22nd of February was marked and celebrated worldwide with much cheer and enthusiasm.

Why is it Important?

Bullying, as an action, stems from a perceived power imbalance between peers and can be emotional, physical or even cyber-oriented. Through a compilation of derogatory actions meant to strip the receiver’s self-confidence, bullying can manifest itself in different forms and is of serious consequence in the lives of youngsters today. Given our prevalent use of technology as well, coupled with the reliance of school-going youth on various forms of media, many are left vulnerable to visceral online and offline attacks that begin quite harmlessly, under the ruse of friendship. Hence stems the need to equip the youngsters of today with the skills to recognize a healthy companionship, against a not so favourable one. Furthermore, apart from the potent scars Bullying leaves behind on the receiver, it also sets in to bring repeated bullying patterns from the abusers, whose cycle of attacking doesn't see a befitting end.

Hence, the cultural significance of pink shirts as a symbol of diversity acts as a beacon of hope to the youth of today, and helps cultivate a shared sense of community, where inclusion is but the norm.  

How can YOU contribute against bullying today?

While much of the work for International Stand up to Bullying Day may seem like a collective pursuit, it is worth remembering that your voice matters too. So, here are a few suggestions on how YOU can channel your strengths to voice out the world's concerns.

  1. Create an Infographic! With accessible technology and the world at your fingertips, anything is possible. Broadcast messages of awareness and help change lives by participating in online campaigns and taking your stand against the wrong.
  2. Check in with your Friends! Have an honest heart-to-heart and create a space for meaningful dialogue with the ones you hold dear. Help them work through their insecurities, and make sure their social circles too are abuse-free!
  3. Channel your inner Barbie! Wear Pink as a symbol of unity this week and harness good energy wherever you go!
  4. And lastly, Be Kind! Remember, 79% of harassment is Verbal. Do good with your words, and always spread positivity to your surroundings, and we promise you will make someone's day. Smile a little wider, laugh a little harder and don't at all costs, be the reason someone had to make theirs fade.

In conclusion, while days like these help us put things into perspective and categorize the good against the bad in our world, true change stems from our actions and our own willingness to live in a world where every day is Pink Day, and every word is just as sweet.

Happy International Stand-Up to Bullying Day!