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Making the Most of Your Summer

School Jun 30, 2022

Exams are finished and the summer stretches out in front of you, filled with opportunities to develop life skills and experiences that you can carry with you for life. There are a plethora of activities out there for you to make the most of your summer. Here are just a few of them to spark your interest.

Pre-college classes

Almost all colleges and universities offer courses for high school students, including Oxbridge and the ivy leagues. These are a great way to explore the subject you plan to pursue as well as get a taste of what college life looks like. They are typically a few weeks long and are available both online and in person. Some of them even offer college credit, which you can apply to your degree.

Learn a new skill

Summer can also serve as a time to undertake exploration beyond your comfort zone, whether it is learning a programming language or practising mindfulness. There are several classes available for all sorts of niche skills. You could learn ASL, take dance lessons, play a musical instrument or even master CPR. All of these help you grow as a person, expanding your knowledge and preparing you for the real world.

Work experience

What better way to utilize your summer effectively than to get a job? You could get an internship, doing a job related to your major, such as working at ZNotes! Some companies even allow 13-18 year-olds to gain meaningful work experience and a small glimpse into their work environment. You could even earn a little money on the side by babysitting, lawn mowing or starting your own business.

Community service

Giving back to the community is a great way to spend your summer. You could volunteer at animal shelters, soup kitchens,  homeless shelters or nursing homes. You can also volunteer at hospitals, tutor children in your community or hold a fundraiser. Reach out to local non-profits to see if they have a requirement for a summer volunteer.

Prepare for college

For pre-college students, starting college prep is a good chance to get into the mindset of the hectic year that lies ahead. You could begin by taking virtual tours of college campuses, attending information sessions hosted by admission officers and also looking into the course specification of your major on college websites. You can also start shortlisting colleges and brainstorming essays to make the daunting process easier.


Tara Nair

A level student, bibliophile and aspiring psychologist.