Studying Abroad : Exposure To The Real World

Studying Abroad Feb 3, 2023

Pursuing a college/undergraduate degree is definitely a dream come true for some people. Most people want to go to university because they want to improve their quality of life. Education is an essential tool for making an impact in our generation.

Learning is not limited to walls of a classroom. Studying abroad exposes you to the real world as it introduces you to living alone, managing your finances, studying and working all at once. This experience and change can be overwhelming for students though it teaches you how to be independent and self reliant.  

Undeniably, studying abroad is such a golden opportunity and I believe that most of us have been instilled with the notion of the beauty of studying abroad. Nobody talks about the days where you get tired or you don't have enough money to afford certain things. It has been proven that studying abroad has a huge contribution in shaping you into a better individual and enhancing your growth as a person.

Broaden Your Horizons

Studying abroad gives you the chance to meet new people that come from all over the world who were raised in the different culture, values and beliefs. This allows you to view the world in a different lens. When hanging out with people from other nationalities, you are likely to be more open minded about the differences in opinions and views. Spending time in a foreign country will expose you to the new cultures, customs and ways of life. This is an incredibly enriching experience and it will open your eyes to new possibilities.

Going Solo

Being away from your homeland teaches you to always rely on yourself. You are expected to make your own decisions and you are likely to develop or enhance your problem-solving, social and time management skills which is a good skillset for your career in the future. You will learn to discover more abilities and interests that you can do and pursuit. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard but these will come in handy professionally.

You've got no reason to be afraid You're on your own, kid
Yeah, you can face this
You're on your own, kid
You always have been   — Taylor Swift

Prepare for Jobs

Studying abroad can help you to build your resume and change your career trajectory forever. Studying abroad allows you to expand and build your global network which could be valuable means of helping you to find your ideal job. A study has been conducted and 64% of employers think international experience is important for recruitment. Leadership skills can be gained when you come across challenges that will strengthen your character and unleash the leader in you. It has the potential to provide you with a fresh outlook and a unique perspective on a career you have been thinking about.


Adrieana Zulaikha

I love to spend my weekends at my go-to library alone, a place where I find solace and process my thoughts