Empowering Teachers through ZNotes: A Personal Story

School Feb 28, 2023

As a teacher, you may have struggled to find reliable and updated resources for your classroom. In 2016, Tom Cassidy, a principal at Cambridge Leadership College, felt the same way until he discovered ZNotes. In an interview with ZNotes, Tom explains how he stumbled upon ZNotes and why it has become his go-to resource.

Tom had been searching for resources to supplement his Sixth Form program's curriculum. He knew that internet resources would be better than the textbooks available to him. He stumbled upon ZNotes while doing a quick search and found that they were well put together and beautifully organized. He forgot about it for a few weeks but later returned to find that it had over a million hits. This is when he knew he had to pay attention to it.

Tom realized that ZNotes was not only a great resource for students, but it could also be beneficial for teachers. He started using ZNotes as a supplement to his teaching, and he found it to be useful as both resources and lesson materials. Tom is just one of tens of thousands of teachers from all over the world who regularly use ZNotes.

ZNotes has become a movement that has grown beyond a student-led initiative. It has scaled up and now serves a new and important actor in the education space: teachers. The organization's mission of reducing education inequality has become more achievable because of the platform's ability to empower and support educators.

Empowering teachers is vital to ZNotes' mission. They recognize that teachers play a significant role in ensuring that every young person, every student, has the opportunity and a level playing field. There are a lot of exciting ideas that ZNotes is working on to serve and build out for educators. The goal is to reduce learning inequality by getting teachers on board in the same way that students have been using the platform.

The most exciting part is that ZNotes has the potential to leverage the same network effects that students have used and apply it to the teacher community. ZNotes has a swarm of passionate individuals who are coming up with the latest ways to improve resources and help students do well in exams. As students go through the ZNotes system and become teachers themselves, they bring that same energy and passion for reducing learning inequality.

Tom Cassidy is joining ZNotes as their Chief Learning Officer, and he brings his vast experience of training teachers. He understands that training teachers can sometimes come across as presumptuous on the part of the trainer, who goes and tells the teacher what to do. However, he found success in his training by trying to make teachers do less work rather than more work. He believes that his training's secret sauce was his ability to understand that teachers are incredibly busy individuals and that any training he provides should sound like less work.

"If we can start to empower and support the educators, especially those who may not necessarily be coming from the most off schools, it can really mean that we can transform and ensure every young person, every student has the opportunity and a level playing field."

In conclusion, ZNotes is not just a platform for students. It is a movement that empowers teachers to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed. As a teacher, you can benefit from ZNotes' resources and become a part of this movement. Don't hesitate to check it out and see how it can help you and your students.