Inspiring Students, Helping Teachers

Jan 2, 2023

Mr. Ndombi is a Math and Physics teacher with a great passion for math, having taught various curriculums and levels in Kenya. As a passionate teacher, he goes beyond and always looks for references, summary notes, past papers, or even
posts from other teachers to aid his teaching – that is how he came across ZNotes.

He tells us that the site has had a great impact on him and one of the
greatest is the wide coverage of exam bodies and qualifications. As someone
who teaches across many exam boards, it has always been a challenge for
him to have specifically targeted materials easily accessible. He says that
ZNotes has not only impacted his teaching but also how he views the role of

With ZNotes, I can see the improvement in the academic performance and confidence of my students. It has not been limited to them alone, as
my colleagues have also appreciated the ZNotes resources I have shared with them.

The podcast ZNotes had with him :

In one example, Mr. Ndombi explains that he shared the summary notes with
his students completing the Middle Years Program (MYP) for IB. When the
students looked at the way the notes are arranged with nice colors and
clear diagrams, they really appreciated it and were inspired to study more
and make their own notes too.

Nashrah Majid

Nashrah Majid is an excellent writer, an amazing poet, and an avid reader. And with that planning to become a future engineer, lawyer or a psychologist.. :)