5 Fully Funded Programs to Enrich Your Summer

School Jun 20, 2022

So many students see summer as the time to explore their interests and passions, discovering what fascinates them beyond academics and routine commitments. Summer programs are one of the (many) ways to go about this, and several fully-funded ones allow everyone to participate. Here are 7 such programs you can check out!

European Summer Program in Rationality (ESPR)

Run at Oxford, this program is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 20. It includes optional classes, activities, and field trips to research institutes, among others covering a bunch of diverse topics such as cryptography and AI. The last day of the camp is planned completely by students, giving them the freedom to delve into any methods or ideas that they want.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from game theory, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, styles of communication, and cognitive science. The goal of the program is to help students hone rigorous, quantitative skills as they acquire a toolbox of useful concepts and practical techniques applicable in all walks of life.

The Civic Innovators Fellowship

The Civic Innovators Fellowship is designed for Gen Zers interested in building more regenerative systems in the U.S. and around the world. Throughout the free, three-month program, you’ll learn from innovative people, explore new ideas, and discover the emerging technologies being used to drive change in the 21st century.

How can you help solve the problems that exist around you and contribute to the needs of your community? This is the question that this fellowship seeks to be explored by its participants to motivate them to drive change. The fellowship is run digitally and involves high school students from across the world with a shared purpose, leading to the discovery of a global community of like-minded peers.

Atlas Fellowship

Are you curious about how the world works? Do you question things that would otherwise be taken for granted in the form of common sense? If you answered in the affirmative, this program is for you. Besides a fully-funded program in the San Fransisco Bay Area, this fellowship awards a $50,000 scholarship as well as funding and support for participants' projects.

We designed our application to let talented students of all flavors shine. If you're exceptionally smart, thoughtful, or entrepreneurial—even if you don't have test scores or a conventionally impressive resume—then the Atlas Fellowship is for you.

Telluride Association Summer Seminars (TASS)

If you have a knack for domains within the Social Sciences and Humanities, this six-week experience is for you. There are two separate programs you could apply for: TASS in Critical Black Studies and TASS in Anti-Oppressive Studies.

Participants in TASS will attend a college-level, discussion-based academic seminar, develop critical reading and writing skills, and explore the principles and practice of democratic community living.

Apollo Fellowship

The Apollo Fellowship is a 7-to-14 day summer program designed to teach debating skills and complex concepts relevant to the present and future of humanity, across a wide variety of philosophical and technological issues, including artificial intelligence, long-termism and existential risk, utilitarianism, and more.

This fellowship focuses on intellectual rigour and oratory skills simultaneously. The aim of the fellowship, as they say, is not solely to create debators who can triumph their way through debating rounds. Instead, it wants to create individuals who can think critically and analytically. So, don't let your lack of debating experience deter you from applying.


Ritika Singhal

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