Finding an Internship During High School

Careers Jun 28, 2022

It is not uncommon to see high-schoolers take up internships and fill roles pertaining to diverse areas, ranging from social media management to web designing.  Yet, for those who observe this from the outside, who want the exposure and learning that comes with the process but haven't stepped into it yet, finding an internship during high school may seem daunting and puzzling. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some simple ways you can consider as you look for an internship experience:

Talk to the counsellor at school

For many people, reaching out to anyone - more so an adult who may be a stranger - can be quite intimidating. Yet, high school counsellors, in most cases, would be happy to help in ways they can. Talk to your counsellor about your interests and the skills you are looking to develop. Eventually, they may find an opportunity that suits your needs or guide you to appropriate resources.  

Reach out to friends and family

Do not shy away from letting people around you know that you are looking for an internship and promote yourself - even if it feels like tooting your own horn. Others cannot help you unless they know you need it. Try drafting a polite message and sending it to family members or posting it on your social media account.

Linkedin is your best friend

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, now is the perfect time to make it. There are usually lots of internship postings on Linkedin and you can apply for the ones that are along the lines of what you are looking for. Additionally, you can reach out to recruiters of organisations whose work interests you and express your interest in working as an intern.

Being unable to find an internship doesn't have to be an end-all. You can always hone your skills and passions in a plethora of other ways. Maybe start the art page or blog you've been wanting to since forever. Or send your writing to the editor of your favourite magazine. Or volunteer for a cause you care about. There are many opportunities out there and don't let the inability to find an internship prevent you from taking them.

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