Extracurricular Activities to Boost Your Uni Application

Get2Uni Oct 3, 2022

Your university application offers an opportunity to make a great first impression. However, with our fast-growing world, you may face plenty of competition, so it’s necessary to make the most of your application. One of the most important sections on your application is extracurricular activities. The main idea of these activities is to provide universities more insight into who you are as a person and where your interests and goals lie.

Here's a list of extracurriculars that will help you -

  1. Internships - Internships are a great way to show unis that you have already gained some experience in your chosen field. This activity illustrates your dedication to your career you're aspiring to pursue and provide evidence that you are familiar with some hands-on experience on a professional level.
  2. Athletics - Sports plays a vital role in our lives. Participating at athletic level activities ensures colleges that you are an individual who has a strong sense of commitment and that you’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Also, sports are usually played in teams, which highlights another important key quality that individuals should have - teamwork.
  3. Leadership Activities - Many schools offer the opportunity to be in the prefect body. Make the best use of this chance and showcase your best skills in school to be apart of the body. A number of universities highlight this quality and hold it in high regard due to the leadership skills it helps you possess.
  4. Online courses - Technology advancements seem to never stop today. This is an extremely important factor to people your age. Nowadays, online courses on careers you're willing to pursue are easily available and give you great insight on what your future job expects from you. Head to, coursera.com , theforage.com to get your hands on some amazing skill teaching programs and courses to bring out the best in you.
  5. Academic teams and clubs - The best extracurriculars for uni applications include clubs or teams you have been part of in high school. These academic groups have provided you with a way to deepen your understanding of a certain subject or pursue an interest. Including these academic clubs and teams on your application, showcase your strong interest in a particular subject or that you’re eager to improve certain skills.
  6. Model United Nations - Participating in an MUN conference is a great addition to your application. This shows admission officers your capability and confidence in being a public speaker.
  7. Volunteering - Any unpaid activity carried out to give time to help individuals or a non-profit organization can be considered volunteer work. There would be a lot of volunteering your community would need in order to make the world a better place. Put yourself out there and help the needy. This depicts you as a person who takes pride in helping others which is an exceptional quality.

These are just a few recommendations of extracurriculars. An extracurricular can be any activity you're passionate about. These activities will strengthen your mind and make you more successful and focused in the classroom. Moreover, they help you build professional skills, and skills that cannot be learned in an academic environment. They can help expand your social circle and also allow you to pursue your interests.


Aditi Jayson

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