TTT#63: "The Paradox of Art and Beauty Standards" with Melissa Wright Katongola

The Tomato Timer Feb 14, 2022

In this episode, Melissa Wright talks about art as her outlet for creativity. A lawyer by profession, Wright has been associated with different forms of art like painting, acting and modelling. The conversation dives into how different messages are encapsulated in different forms of art and how they can be differently communicated and interpreted. She explained how an abstract painting may appeal to a certain audience while being disliked by the rest.

She talks about her personal style which is a blend of contrasting things. She cultivates two opposite ideas into one and creates a beautiful piece. The challenges and thrills of creating art, the process of acquiring inspiration and converting an idea into reality are what make everything interesting for her. The conversation also proceeds around problems in the global distribution system and the stigma associated with the space of modelling.

In the age of social media where body image issues are rampant, Wright discusses how important representation of different body types and racial background is. She has participated in one of the biggest beauty pageants in France and shared insights into the fashion industry and consumer behaviour in this episode.