Empowering Health: Unveiling World Health Day

Wellbeing Apr 7, 2024

‘Health is a right for everybody, not a luxury’. Since the birth of WHO (World Health organisation) on 7th April 1948, their motive has been to spread this goal. But why does the world need “World Health Day”?  The right to health of millions of people across the globe is in danger. Pollution and climate crises, among other things, have increasingly become stepping stones to death, pain, hunger and psychological distress. According to the WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All, at least 140 countries recognize health as a human right in their constitution. However, not all countries are passing and putting into practice laws to ensure their populations are entitled to access health services. To address and spread awareness about these challenges, the theme for the World Health Day 2024 is ‘My Health, My Right’.

What is the Significance of this day?

There are multiple reasons for the significance of World Health Day. Firstly, it is linked to the WHO's objectives, which include improving the quality of life for all people through public health measures. It also provides an opportunity to increase and spread awareness about health issues as well as promoting universal provision of healthcare to the world. Moreover, this day allows the healthcare industry to reflect on the progress made over the years to identify the areas of improvement and how UN SDG aim 3 of ‘Good Health and Well-being’ can be fulfilled.

The importance of teamwork and collaboration in addressing global health crises is also emphasized on this day. It stresses the necessity of funding research and development, increasing public awareness, and broadening access to healthcare. This provides a chance for people all over the world to unite and take small actions towards building a healthy society that benefits everyone's well-being, living standards, and, to a greater extent, the economy.

It may not seem like it, but World Health Day is also important for us students: understanding these concepts is vital, as one day we will become the future leaders who will shape health policies and ensure equitable health services for all. Moreover, there is a growing need for awareness about how to work on ourselves: students and educational institutions should strive to establish ‘Health & Wellbeing’ education.

How can you Celebrate this day?

  • Give back to society on this special day, by taking social initiatives like volunteering at hospitals or setting up fundraisers.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of healthcare by organizing and attending conferences and talks about current healthcare issues in schools/colleges.
  • Instead of New year resolutions, create goals now! Vow to take care of your health from today itself. Stay active, eat healthy and make sure to regularly attend health appointments.

As students, we must not only prioritise our education, but also our health, since they both contribute to our wellbeing. With exam season coming up, it is important to create a balanced lifestyle and avoid burnout. To learn more about student health tips and how you can start working on yourself starting this World Health Day, check out our Instagram page!